Step 1: Pricing

The single most important step in selling any home is establishing a price that produces results. Countless studies have been done on the effects of overpricing a home and they all agree that improperly pricing a home not only causes the sale to take longer but can also result in the home being sold at a lower price point.

We recommend you try our Neighborhood News tool to get an idea on what your home is worth. This free tool is amazing but it doesn't replace a professionally trained Agent. We are extensively trained at assessing the value of our clients home which typically result in us selling homes 30 days faster than the average in Central Florida while also setting records for price.

Step 2:
Preparation & Staging

In today's world, prospective buyers are making quick decisions based largely on first impressions. The average buyer spends only seconds online looking at photos before moving onto the next property and on average only looks at roughly 10 homes in person before making a buying decision. With this in mind, we believe a home needs to be ideally prepared so that it creates an awe inspiring reaction both online and in person. We are trained marketing experts and will gladly provide you a strategic plan for how to best present your home for optimal results.

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Step 3: Marketing Strategy

We are not only Realtors but also Marketing Specialists. With 92% of buyers looking for houses online, where and how we display homes on the internet is crucial. Through years of experience, we're learned to leverage the latest technology and online marketing strategies to create a plan that achieves results time after time. Whether it's 3D technology, professional photography, HD video walkthrough tours, social media, syndication, or even direct mail, we have you covered. When you combine our marketing efforts with the most recognized and largest global real estate brand in the industry in Century 21, there's simply no better method to sell homes for top dollar.

Step 4: Communicate

Clear and consistent communication is the key to any good relationship. We believe that first class customer service is our highest priority. It's because of this reason that it's our practice to communicate with our clients on a weekly basis. You'll speak to us weekly in addition to being checked in on by our Client Concierge while also receiving weekly custom market traffic reports on your property. This way you'll always be informed and able to make timely and well educated decisions during the process.

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Step 5: Negotiations

The art of negotiation is a crucial step in the process that we have been trained thoroughly on. Having a professionally trained negotiator at your side can save you tens of thousands of dollars while also reducing the liability that is inherent when selling property. The ability to remove emotion from the equation and make decisive decisions are what separate an amateur from the best agents.

Step 6: Closing & Moving

Once we're under contract, you'll receive consistent communication from us as to the required timelines and objectives required to close on your home. In addition, our Client Concierge will be there to assist you with all your secondary needs such as transferring utilities, coordinating moving companies, and much more. We believe in supporting you through closing and beyond so you have our commitment that you won't be alone for any phase of the closing and moving process. A smooth and stress free closing is always the goal and we will work diligently to ensure that happens. Your happiness is our life's work!